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Intelligent Web Design

The web is the high street, your site is your display window. Passers by will be attracted by the products in your window or the story that you tell. Confuse them with too much irrelevant information and they’ll be off down the street.

We’ve looked at many many websites over the years. The ones that have attracted our attention are those that answer our questions. Simply and quickly. Too many sites in our opinion greet you with a movie or a plethora of different choices. You sometimes have to click through several pages to find what you want. And what happens with sites like this? Readers get bored. If they can’t find what they are looking for in 30 seconds, they are off, most likely to a competitors site and it’s unlikely they’ll be back.

We take an holistic approach to our web work. We believe in well designed sites backed up with carefully written copy, good graphics and appropriate links. We'll advise on the what we feel is the appropriate approach for your website and where we can link in to offline marketing and sales campaigns.


Optimising your website is simply a case of making sure that the message you want to get over is contained in the title, keywords and body text of the site. That way the search engines can find and list you. The problem with optimisation is that everyone is doing it and it takes time to produce results. We’ll optimise your site from the outset but we’ll also suggest additional strategies that can be used to enhance your web presence.

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