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Among the solutions we have developed recently is one for a leading weight loss club and a system for an IFA.

Fitness Class Manager

Fitness Class Manager is a management solution for professionals who regularly run fitness, exercise or weight loss programs and need to record membership and attendance data. It is suitable for use by fitness centres, individual instructors and franchised operations.
Fitness Class Manager organises your classes and makes record keeping much easier. It also gives you instant feedback about members progress. Fitness Class Manager also has a letters and labels function allowing you to keep in regular contact with members and advise them of details of their program.
Fitness Class Manager is designed to run on a laptop, so you can take it with you if you run classes in several locations.

Screenshot of attendance record

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FactFind was developed for an Independent Financial Adviser (IFA) to keep track of his clients and their financial commitments. IFA’s usually sign up to an on-line service for this kind of software but whilst these are often very capable they usually tie the IFA in to that service and do not always offer the flexibility required.

FactFind 1

Our solution was an in house system designed to meet the data recording of the clients assets and liabilities built had the useful additional facility of alerting the IFA to forthcoming policy maturities and other essential milestones, enabling them to offer their clients better advice at the appropriate time.

IFA’s collect a great deal of valuable data on their clients financial situation. We designed FactFind to store this data and display it in such a way that our client was instantly able to see all of his clients details and to search out data on his customers insurers, lenders, maturities and much more.

FactFind 2

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