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Software Development

A different approach to the web…

The web is a complex and fascinating place and getting your site noticed in a crowded field is not easy, there’s no point in pretending otherwise.

It is possible with a little forethought and planning to get high search engine rankings and to attract plenty of visitors to your site. And there are other ways to promote your website too, that can give your site a higher presence.

We like to take an holistic approach to designing for the web. Design, in most peoples’ eyes relates to the look and feel of the website. To us, design is about making sure that your website is built in such a way as it will be found. It’s a bit like the architect who will produce a lovely picture showing the client what the finished building will look like but before he does, he also makes a totally different set of drawings for the builders to work from.

This is also our approach, draw up the plans, then paint the picture. We do this by analysing your product or service and the audience you want to attract. This will give us the foundations to build your site on.